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  76 acre Farm / Produce Company / Animal Rescue Located in Chaplin CT. We are looking to utilize multiple acres on our farm to host & create an unlimited resource for the care and rehabilitation of kill pen and neglected horses.
  The end goal and intention will be to create a sanctuary where (some) of the horses if they are happy/willing and capable, will become therapy horses for people in need. We will be developing multiple riding trails and training facilities.       
    We are looking for one or multiple partners. You may currently keep rescued horses that need space to live, or plan to do so in the future. We will host the land, no cost to you. You care for your animals, which will entail fencing, as this is not currently available. In the future as we expand we will create large funds through our companies to completely cover the care, assist with rescues, and build all infrastructure necessary.

 Please text only 9788106131

Let us know your name, little about your background, if you currently have horses, or if you are interested in rescuing in the future.

We will then schedule a call.

 Look forward to hearing from you.

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