Chiori & Oscar

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  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

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Hi, my name is Chiori and my husband/business partner's name is Oscar.

We are looking for 1-5 acres of land to start our farming business which we've been dreaming of for years!

About Chiori: Grew up closely with nature and farming, surrounded by family friends who are farmers, visiting them every weekend to help plant rice, harvest potatoes and vegetables, build tunnels, weeding, etc. Volunteered monthly, for over a year at the Natural Agriculture farm in England, called "Yatesbury Farm". Plans to grow crops by using Natural Agriculture, Biodynamic and Permaculture techniques. Besides farming, greatly passionate about fashion and art, also planning to create farm related artwork in the future. 

About Oscar: Having a natural affinity towards healthy foods and nutrition, studied Food Science and Nutrition in college. Original dream was to become a dietician, however, being stuck in an office day-in-and-day-out is not ideal. Passionate about nature and helping others understand natural ways for a healthy lifestyle. 2.5 years experience working in a small company focused in producing and selling Natural Agriculture foods. Certified Serv Safe Food Manager. Certified Soil Advocate.

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