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We currently have several hundred honey bee colonies on various farms in the Farmington Valley.  I sold my share of Hilltop Apiaries back in December of 2019 to focus on expanding the beekeeping.   As part of our plan we would add additional bee yards to the property.

There are certain aspects of beekeeping that require more demands on time and resources.  The raising of queen bees and queen grafting requires a dedicated area for a queen rearing yard and a room that will be specifically for the incubation and insemination of queen bees.  A farm would allow us to perform these specialize tasks.  This would provide another opportunity to sell queen bees out of the farm store. 

We sell most of our products online and by purchasing a farm we can create a farm store to sell our products and increase our product lines to sell beekeeping equipment to hobbyist beekeepers.  This would allow us to sell queen bees and nucleus colonies to beekeepers as well.

The farm would give us an opportunity for an educational piece of the business.  By providing training and education sessions to hobbyist and curious people, would generate income.  Coupled with selling woodenware and beekeeping equipment in the farm store would present a great opportunity to generate income. 

There are many aspects of our plan that overlap and compliment the beekeeping industry which would produce both sales, services and products.  This would allow us to pass down these to our sons and their children.


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