Henny Penny Farm

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  • Livestock

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  • Not applicable

Tenure Options Considered

  • Short term lease
  • Lease with option to buy
  • Standard sale

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  • Full Time

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I run a livestock farm in Ridgefield that has been open to the public through educational programs since 2017. We raise sheep for wool products (and yarns), meat and breeding stock. We began by raising sheep but over the years have added meat birds, turkeys and pigs. I have been grazing on town conservation land for the last 8 years and do have 3 more years on my current contract. However, the farm has reached the point where we need to scale up our livestock production to be financially sustainable.

I have been the recipient of 3 USDA-NRCS grants for environmentally-focused farming practices and my current grant is a CSP grant which has rather stringent requirements of good farming practices.  We currently adaptively graze our sheep and move them on average once per day, focusing on improving soil health and increasing plant and microbial biodiversity. 

I am currently under contract to purchase a property in Ridgefield to become a country store, most likely in 2024. By that point we would need to have a steady supply to be able to have inventory for that store. Currently we sell at farmer's markets and at our farm store.

I am looking for either a small parcel (a minimum of 5 acres) for the short term to lease for our poultry operation or a larger parcel for moving our entire operation long-term. Regardless, the priority is for a poultry (turkey and chicken) production space for 2024.

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