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  • Employment for a period of time then transfer ownership
  • Standard sale
  • Owner-financed sale
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Hi my name is Adam Jackson I am 26 years old, I’ve been around agriculture my entire life. I grew up in Illinois on the 2500 acre corn and bean farm where my parents also raised 250 had a registered Angus cow calf operation. When I was 14 my parents split up sold off the farm to good family friends and I had to still continue to go out there every year for planting season and harvest season. I moved with my mother to Massachusetts to take care of her and my brothers. I started a custom operation up here about four years ago now where I plant about 1500 acres of corn for the local dairies. I run the newest technology that I can afford which is auto Row Units. We also run auto steer as well. Would really like to get into the variable rate planning for this upcoming season if possible. Now Asher milking cows my fiancé and I have been milking 35 Calson Ramos and making cheese. Up until two years ago we were milking 120 cows we had a contract with Agmark. The facilities that we were at were just to run down I needed too much money to keep going also the area we are in was very very hard to apply enough feed for that many cattle so now we currently milk around 3035 cows consistently throughout the year I raise my brother-in-law‘s heifers from about two weeks old till about seven months. I have a lot of knowledge on the crop and forge side of farming and my wife has a lot of knowledge of dairy cattle as she is grown up with it her entire life. 

I’m personally a face-to-face person I have no problem driving out there just to meet with you and talk with you I would actually prefer that if possible and we can make time in our schedules to make that work rather than a phone call it’s just more personal for me and where this is such a big decision for me I’d really like you to get to know me.

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