Jacob Bridges

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Looking for properties to build agrotourism rental units. Each unit will be built using permaculture designs and as unobtrusively as possible to each property. I'd like to build 90% underground and use the natural Landscape to dictate design. They will house aquaponics systems and living walls for privacy, as well as solar panels and water wheels (when applicable) and have the ability to provide fresh fish and veggies to the guests. They will be as much educational tools as they will be luxurious rental retreats. 

Looking to build partnerships preferably, with the unit having a forever lease on the land. I build and maintain the unit/buisness and pay the owner of land for its use, while preserving and enhancing its natural  beauty. 

I have over 18 years in the construction industry and am currently working as a dig crew Forman for a well established pool company. In otherwords, my background is not farming but construction. I am a heavy equipment operator by trade as well as a small buisness owner/entrepreneur/Artist. I have experience with large scale site work as well as Landscape installation and design. 

I am however,  inexperienced when it comes to buisness planning and capital attainment and am looking for partners in this potentially lucrative endeavor.  I have the plan, I need the help to bring it to fruition! 


Jacob Bridges. 

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