Nick Doyle, Baltic Greenhouse Nursery

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My wife and I run a small cut flower wholesale business and have been in operation for 5 years. We are a seasonal cut flower operation, mainly growing from May-October. We have all of our own equipment and are only looking for a field to use. We are not organic growers but we do practice organic gardening and don't use any chemical sprays. We are very easy going and usually do most of the work by ourselves, only have one or two people help throughout the season as needed. Our main crop is sunflowers but we grow over 40 varieties of cut flowers. Ideally, there would be a water source or deep well on the property but we could pay to install a well and supply the power via generator if there is no existing system. We are located in Baltic CT and would like a property as close to us as possible to limit gas expenses. Please reach out with any questions. Thanks. 

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