Farmland Requirements

Type of Farm Operation

  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

Size of Operation Desired


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Infrastructure Desired

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings
  • Housing
  • Livestock

Tenure Options Considered

  • Long term lease
  • Lease with option to buy
  • Employment for a period of time then transfer ownership
  • Standard sale

Farmer Experience

Years of Farming Experience


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Are you looking to farm full or part time?

  • Full Time

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Urban Agriculturalist/Certified CT Farmer seeking to expand current Organic Vegetable,Herbs,Flowers,Small fruit,speciality crops production to a Homestead setting.

Currently, Urban farming on a quarter acre next to Barnum School on the Eastside of the Greater City of Bridgeport for the past 5 years for profit. 

Sacuanjoche Floristry sold it's organic produce,flowers,herbs, and small fruits. At Two Certified Farmers markets in the city of Bridgeport. 

My background education and experience is as follows.

Education:UConn College of Agriculture,Health,and Natural Resources Extension Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculturist/CT Certified Farmer participating in CT Farmers' Market Nutrition And Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program,Certified Produce Safety (AFDO)Association of Food & Drug Officials,​​Serv Safe Manager Certification 

Farm Manager: Sacuanjoche Floristry located on a quarter acre in the city of Bridgeport. Organic and Regenerative Farming culture practices are use on the farm to cultivate the  crops. 





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