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SEAmarron Farmstead, LLC is a multi-generational farm nestled in Danbury, Connecticut, harmoniously blending waterways, forests, and farmlands. Rooted in ancestral wisdom passed down by elders, our immigrant, and BIPOC team tends to this land, acknowledging its origins as stolen Paugussett and Wappinger territory. Our mission spans seven generations: to nurture and honor the land's vitality. With two seasons under our belt, we embark on our third, fusing years of regenerative agriculture experience with newfound farming endeavors. Notably, we've partnered with NRCS through an EQIP grant, advancing climate-smart agricultural practices.
Hector A. Gerardo, a beacon of empowerment, draws from his ancestral history of activism for Dominican working class and African descendant rights. Hector's twenty-year legacy champions youth voices, driving transformation through coalitions that have achieved impactful change nationwide. Proficient in strategic planning, he ensures transparency and tangibility in organizational visions.
Elizabeth A. Guerra, a seasoned Latina activist, boasts fifteen years of experience in community organizing, volunteer mobilization, and popular education. An adept negotiator with a Master's in Labor Studies, she amplifies women's, workers', and economic rights while resolving conflicts and fostering empowerment.

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