12 acres in New Milford

7 Crossmon Rd, New Milford, CT 06776

12 acres available for farming

12 acres in New Milford

  • 7 Crossmon Rd, New Milford, CT 06776

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The Land

Is the farm currently in operation?


Type of Farm Operation

  • Livestock

Farming Practices

  • Organic (not certified)

Water Sources

  • Drilled well
  • Pond
  • Other


Hinkley with good topsoil

Tenure Arrangement

  • Standard sale

Are there any other current leases, partnerships, or arrangements on your property?


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Additional Information

Other Farm Amenities

  • Access to electricity
  • Access to water (irrigation)
  • Barn
  • Fencing
  • Living space for farmer
  • Other facilities available
  • Parking space for farmer
  • Space for heated hoophouse
  • Storage shed (enclosed)

Farm Infrastructure

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Is the farm land protected under any conservation easements or other programs?


If so, what kind of easement or program is in place?

USDA GRP restricted for grazing and related activities

Have you applied for a restoration grant for the property?


Year of Restoration Grant



Mabels Hollow Farm. 14.3 acres in Litchfield County. With early 20th century farm house (completely renovated in period style) 2800 SF. Private in a rural neighborhood. 1 Barn structure that has been insulated with electricity and suitable for functions. Currently used as a studio. 3 barn structures in good condition two with electricity. 1 manure facility / barn structure. 12 acres of fenced grazing or haying acreage. USDA GRP restricted to grazing and supporting functions like haying. about 1 .5 acres woodland. 1/2 acre metal deer fenced garden. Joined by USDA conserved land.   40 horse case IH DX40 with back hoe and attachments, water source Artisian well water supply for the house, irrigation pond, and 3 year round streams. freeze proof solar pump in the pasture .