2 acres in Hampton

460 Windham Rd, Hampton, CT 06247

2 acres available for farming

2 acres in Hampton

  • 460 Windham Rd, Hampton, CT 06247

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The owners of Turtle Ledge Farm are seeking someone to take over growing operations and also serve as a part-time employee in the management and maintenance of the property. This opportunity could work for one or (preferably) two adults dedicated to small-scale organic practices and also able to supplement their farming activities with other means of financial support.


This certified organic farm (since 1999) is situated on 32 acres in Hampton CT, which includes about 2+ acres of combined cropland and pasture mingled with woodlot and wetlands. It is our goal to pass on the business, and ultimately the property itself, in a way that will preserve it as a model of sustainable agriculture. The land is protected by a conservation easement, but there is significant potential for agricultural expansion allowed under the terms of the easement. 


What we can offer:

1. Some existing cropping areas (at least 5000 sq. ft. for annual crops plus a few perennial fruits, grapes, and berries that can be shared), with space for expansion. 

2.  A small tool and utility shed with electricity and water for irrigation.

3. Use of a small lawn-mowing tractor, plus some other basic tools.

4. Some electric fencing.

5. Guidance and help with filling out certification forms and making sure the growing operation stays certified-organic. Access to planting, harvest and certification records for the past 10+ years.

6. Portable, affordable housing for one or two persons (e.g., trailer) by the start of the 2025 season, if the grower needs it. 



1. For housing provided by the owners, the farmer will be responsible for utilities, maintenance, and a monthly rent payment to be determined. A security deposit will be required. Continuation of an arrangement between the owners and farmer will require a new agreement to be negotiated at the conclusion of the first season.

2. In addition to the growing operation, the owners would want the grower to assist with property maintenance tasks on a part-time basis. The number of hours per week or month and rate of pay will be negotiable depending on the circumstances.

3. The first season/year of the contract will be a trial period during which the farm business will continue in the owners' names. The new grower will be responsible for and have decision-making authority with regard to the growing operation (including crop choices, seed purchases, soil building, any additional equipment, tools and supplies needed, etc.), sales and marketing, financial records, and all records necessary for organic certification. The owners could possibly provide a modest start-up loan to be paid back from the first-year sales. 


What we are looking for:

1. Hard-working, self-motivated farmer with good marketing and organizational skills. 

2. Small-scale farming knowledge and experience.

3. Commitment to sustainable land use and organic practices.

4. Strong English speaking and writing fluency for purposes of marketing and dealing with organic certification forms.

5. Regular access to a pickup truck or other vehicle suitable for transporting materials needed for farming.

6. Additional source(s) of funding for personal expenses other than sales of produce and part-time employment at the farm, such as accumulated savings, off-farm or remote employment, etc.



To apply, please submit a resumé, including a list of references, and a letter of interest detailing your experience and vision for this opportunity. Feel free to submit business plans, past crop plans, and any other materials you feel will illustrate your potential at Turtle Ledge Farm. Applications should be submitted by email to turtleledge@charter.net at your earliest convenience for full consideration, preferably before September 15, 2024. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled.