80 Acres in Middlefield

890 Main Street, Middlefield, Connecticut 06455

80 acres available for farming

80 Acres in Middlefield

  • 890 Main Street, Middlefield, Connecticut 06455

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The Land

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Non-farming landowner

Type of Farm Operation

  • Livestock
  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

Farming Practices

  • Organic (not certified)
  • Sustainable

Water Sources

  • Drilled well
  • Pond
  • River

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  • Partnership
  • Other

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  • Living space for farmer
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  • Space for heated hoophouse
  • Storage shed (enclosed)

Farm Infrastructure

  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

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Private restrictions on development for non-agricultural purposes

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Beautiful 103 acre property located in Middlefield, Connecticut. Farm was in the same family for over 60 years but has sat dormant for almost ten years after the husband and wife that built the farm passed. The property is situated near a small river and as such approximately 20 acres are wooded wetlands leaving 80 acres for agricultural operations. The property contains a four bedroom house and two storage buildings but little else in terms of infrastructure. We are hoping to establish several operations on the property including a stand alone market garden as well as potentially other dedicated growing operations for garlic or wildflowers on select portions of the property. We have entered into a farm management relationship with an energetic and entrepreneurial person who is working with us to redesign, rebuild, and operate the farm and then act as a facilitator/coordinator with each of the individual operations that get developed on the site. We are willing to invest appropriately in order to develop the farm into a premier supplier of wholesome and healthy food for the immediate area and while we are flexible in developing the plan, we are committed to running a profitable and sustainable operation. Willing to commit to a multiyear agreement. Open to one or more of three potential agricultural operations....1) organic vegetables (market garden) and fruits, 2) specialized items such as garlic or wildflowers, and/or 3) livestock (cows, sheep, goats, pigs, alpaca). We are looking to build out an educational program at the farm and to make it accessible to the public as part of the business. The property is situated on a main county road that would make a farm stand highly visible.