Derbyshire Farms- Building Farmshare

Torrington, CT

4 acres available for farming

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The Land

Is the farm currently in operation?


Type of Property Poster

Non-farming landowner

Type of Farm Operation

  • Dairy
  • Livestock
  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops

Farming Practices

  • Organic (certified)
  • Sustainable

Water Sources

  • Municipal
  • River


Soils are open pasture which have not been farmed on in years but are regularly grazed by horses.

Tenure Arrangement

  • Long term lease
  • Partnership

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The property is fully 10.5 acres. 5 acres is for horses, 1 acre is for events and the remainder is open and separate ready to be farmed.

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Additional Information

Other Farm Amenities

  • Access to electricity
  • Barn
  • Other facilities available
  • Parking space for farmer
  • Space for heated hoophouse

Farm Infrastructure

  • Farm buildings
  • Livestock

Is the farm land protected under any conservation easements or other programs?


Have you applied for a restoration grant for the property?



We are a young family who just packed up from city life and moved out to this gorgeous 10.5 acres estate in Litchfield county Connecticut. In the 1800s-1900s this property operated as a dairy farm and most recently is the home to 4 beautiful horses. A big reason we have moved and changed our life if because of my passion in providing clean, organic foods to my baby and family and I believe more people should have access to that at an affordable cost. I know nothing about farming but am eager to learn. My husband and I have strong business backgrounds and our vision is to build a community farm share where we can find a partner to farm and grow on our land while we operate the business aspect and source out your produce through farm stands, farmers markets, local stores, restaurants etc as big as you're interest would be so we can aim for organic goods to be normalized and help change the health of our local community. Assuming this goes well, additional land and expansion can be procured. Ideally we have a diverse network of crops but are eager to kick this off in spring so please reach out with any interest or questions!