Evergreen Berry Farm

435 Bassett Road Watertown CT

10 acres available for farming

Evergreen Berry Farm

  • 435 Bassett Road Watertown CT

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The Land

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Type of Farm Operation

  • Specialty crops

Farming Practices

  • Organic (not certified)

Water Sources

  • Drilled well
  • Pond


Paxton and Woodbridge

Tenure Arrangement

  • Long term lease

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Additional Information

Other Farm Amenities

  • Access to electricity
  • Access to water (irrigation)
  • Cooler (for produce storage)
  • Other facilities available
  • Parking space for farmer
  • Space for heated hoophouse

Farm Infrastructure

  • Equipment
  • Farm buildings

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In Progress

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application being reviewed

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Established in 1979 by owners Bob and Cathee Alex, this blueberry, raspberry PYO farm is located in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut on 27+ acres of secluded field, forest, and ponds that is surrounded by City of Waterbury watershed properties. The berry crops in full production previously covered about 10 acres. Production is being scaled back (now about 3 acres in production) to accommodate semi-retired farmer, climate extremes effect on soils/plants, and new insect pressures (SWD) impacting growing season. The farm is organically managed with special attention to soil biology and nutrition. The owners are interested in new farmers keeping the farm management organic/biodynamic and are open to new crops/livestock ventures on the property. There is a recently renovated market barn that includes a new commercial kitchen that is currently used to prepare seltzers, teas and frozen pops served on site for visitors using the berries, flowers, and herbs grown on the farm. The equipment barn is located near our private home and houses both personal and business equipment. While the commercial kitchen/market barn is readily accessible to the visitor parking area.