Ives Farm

Cheshire, CT

164 acres available for farming

Ives Farm

  • Cheshire, CT

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The Land

Is the farm currently in operation?


Type of Property Poster

Land trust or other conservation organization

Type of Farm Operation

  • Dairy
  • Field crops

Farming Practices

  • Conventional
  • Sustainable

Water Sources

  • Drilled well

Soil Map

Tenure Arrangement

  • Long term lease

Are there any other current leases, partnerships, or arrangements on your property?


Is the farm presently listed with a realtor?


Additional Information

Other Farm Amenities

  • Access to electricity
  • Access to water (irrigation)
  • Barn
  • Cooler (for produce storage)
  • Greenhouse
  • Living space for farmer
  • Parking space for farmer
  • Storage shed (enclosed)

Farm Infrastructure

  • Farm buildings
  • Housing

Is the farm land protected under any conservation easements or other programs?


Have you applied for a restoration grant for the property?



The Cheshire Land Trust invites proposals to obtain a lease to conduct agricultural activities at Cheshire Land Trust's Ives Farm, located at 1585 Cheshire Street, Cheshire, CT, commencing with the calendar year 2025. 

Download and review the RFP HERE