Nightingale L&T LLC

Hampton Road and Route 97, Pomfret CT 06259

30 acres available for farming

Nightingale L&T LLC

  • Hampton Road and Route 97, Pomfret CT 06259

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  • Pond
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Will O'Meara from Land for Good offers: "First, the Rourke place on Hampton Road has approximately 20 acres of prime farmland and 43 acres of farmland of statewide importance, though some of these acres are currently in woods.

"The topography of these fields are slightly rolling, which could lend themselves to pasture, hay, orchards, or vegetables with careful consideration to the field configuration to minimize erosion.

"The strengths of this field include the soils, proximity to the brook for irrigation, significant road frontage, and proximity to utilities. ...

"The weaknesses of this site include suspected seasonal wetness due to the change in slope, difficult brook crossings in the spring and wet years, and the lack of existing infrastructure ..."

The Rourke place is part of a larger property, and so there are some flexible possibilities for expansion beyond these fields, and as conversations move forward we can explore them with you.

The field has been seeded with winter rye in spring 2022 as part of an ongoing effort to improve the soil. And the maps attachec here date from the 1970s, so some soils have improved since that time.

Kip Kolesinskas, a consulting soil scientist with CT Farmlink, has analyzed the soils in both areas in April 2022. He suggests possibilities for fruits, vegetables, forage and floriculture, among others.

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In Nightingale, on the Rourke Property, we have a few annual hunting licenses only.

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The property is protected under a Title 490 tax easement.

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In Nightingale, the Abbott family has 30+ acres of land available, and we are looking for farmers interested in sustainable and regenerative uses. These fields lie along Mashamoquet Brook with some soils of state and national importance, water for irrigation and access to electricity (we can tap into). We also have the possibility of rental housing to offer within two miles of these fields.

The land is in Pomfret, in Northeastern Conn., in a green corridor of woods, fields and wetlands in the Mashomoquet Brook and Nightingale Brook watershed, on the homelands of the Mohegan, the Pequot, the Nahaganset, the Nipmuk and the Wampanoag nations.

The Abbott family has cared for the land and woods here since the 1930s. Nightingale is part of a larger property that now runs a haying operation (through Spring Farm LLC) and some light timbering. Tony and Deborah Abbott and their children hold Nighingale.

We are looking for farmer(s) willing to work independently as entrepreneurs, with a viable business plan for the area. We see opportunities here, as the older agricultural structures are re-forming — we have an expanding local community of small farmers and farmers markets, and regional cities with farm-to-table restaurants, and reach to Boston, Providence, Hartford and Worcester —  and an academic community including UCONN and Storrs nearby. Pomfret is also known for its high schools — Rectory school, the Pomfret School, Woodstock Academy.

 We are open to ideas …

• CSA for meat or veg, eggs, cheese …
• Permaculture, native perennials 
• Pick-your-own or farmstand
• Restaurants and co-op markets …
• Rare or specialty crops or goods —  cheese, ice cream, chestnuts … 

And we are looking forward to hearing yours and talking with you.