Sawmill Hill

Haddam, CT

6 acres available for farming

Sawmill Hill

  • Haddam, CT

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The Land

Is the farm currently in operation?


Type of Farm Operation

  • Dairy
  • Livestock
  • Field crops
  • Specialty crops
  • Other

Farming Practices

  • Conventional
  • Organic (certified)
  • Organic (not certified)
  • Sustainable

Water Sources

  • Drilled well
  • Pond
  • Spring


It is good, healthy CT River Valley soil with a high water table. It has been farmed in various ways for at least 3 generations.

Tenure Arrangement

  • Standard sale

Are there any other current leases, partnerships, or arrangements on your property?


Is the farm presently listed with a realtor?


Listing Info

The contract with the listing agent has just been renewed after the last buyer fell through. Contact:
Barbara Altieri
203 430-3430 mobile

Selling Price

$300, 000

Additional Information

Other Farm Amenities

  • Access to water (irrigation)
  • Living space for farmer
  • Parking space for farmer
  • Space for heated hoophouse

Farm Infrastructure

  • Housing

Is the farm land protected under any conservation easements or other programs?


Have you applied for a restoration grant for the property?



I'm trying to help my family save our little piece of heaven after an ugly divorce. Property has been farmed since the early 1900's and we don't want to see it wind up in the hands of greedy developers. Cows, chickens, horses, goats, apples, berries, hay, cats, dogs, kids and all manner of vegetables have been raised here over the last 4 generations. The air is clean, the water is plentiful, the area is quiet and the soil is good CT River Valley soil. We are open to any reasonable options/offers.

The soil hasn't been tested but we would be willing to do so if necessary. That said, we have always enjoyed good yields and the water table is high; never had drought issues. Has been used for hay, livestock, fruits and vegetables.

Property includes a 4 bedroom house, a pond and plenty of room to grow.